School Address


1205 Bonham Ave

Council Bluffs, IA 51503

All State 2018

This year we had 19 individuals audition for All State. Students have been practicing for months. In order to prepare for an Allstate try out, they had to learn a solo, two entire etudes, and all 13 scales.  During an audition, they perfor a minute of a solo, cuts from two etudes, and a total of 4 scales including the chromatic.

This year we congratulate Anna Boes on french horn, Rolondo Martinez-Rico on baritone saxophone, Gabe Albertus on percussion for the orchestra, Ashlyn Peraza on flute, and alternate Mia Kawamitsu on oboe.

Allstate is a prestigious honor band, that many try out for, but only a few are selected. Those who are in this band are among the top musicians in the state.

Winter Winds

This year we had eight individuals make it into Winter Winds. This festival was hosted by the University of Lincoln, and lasted for three days, the last day was the concert.


This year Abraham Lincoln had 17 musicians make it into the South West Iowa Band Association. It was hosted by Atlantic.

Iowa Western Honor Band

This year we had 14 people get accepted into the Iowa Western Honor Band. The local community college held this event at their Council Bluffs location.